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TSE Consulting has just launched its new survey on “the (still unknown) potential of hosting esports events”

TSE Consulting has just launched its new survey on “the (still unknown) potential of hosting esports events”.

You can access the survey here.

Esports are regularly cited as the fastest growing sport platform with regards to audience numbers, active participants and investments.

Esports are defined as an electronic, professional sport played on computers or consoles. Gaming is the broad definition of playing computer games and refers to the everyday social or amateur playing that takes places all over the world.

Regardless of the question of whether esports should technically be defined as a ‘sport’, esports events have a number of attractive features for host cities; just to list a few:

They show an exponential growth: large arenas sell out and viewership has been growing steadily over the last 10 years.

They are a very cost-effective way to reach a large, international and very sharply segmented audience. Larger esport matches will often have more viewers than many Olympic sports.

They are always in season: esports can be planned very well in relation to other activities in cities.

This is where all other sports are looking: for example, many NBA teams, major European soccer teams and major sports networks are investing in esports.

Despite such positive aspects, many host cities are not yet investigating the potential of hosting esports events.

TSE Consulting has therefore decided to conduct a research project on host city’s perception of and ambition towards esports, in order to provide host cities with insightful recommendations as to how to get involved in this new and exciting opportunity!

The results of this survey will be compiled into a short report which will be published on our website and various social platforms in July 2017.

We are very curious to hear your views and are thank you in advance for taking the time to answer this short online survey, which should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Any questions? Please contact TSE’s Heloise Signe: hsigne@tseconsulting.com

By TSE Consulting

Sport as a powerful integration tool?

The next decade will be marked by large movements of population – because of international crisis (refugees), globalization (expats), urbanization (people moving from the countryside to the city). Welcoming these new populations and integrating them into their communities but also incentivising them to embrace the local values are seen as major challenges by cities all around the world.

By Héloïse Lacroix

How can sport events be strong catalysts for social development?

It was a few years ago that the main question being asked was whether sports events could impact the social realm of the host city or country. Now that several examples of such social impacts have been documented, event organisers are moving beyond the question of whether it is possible, toward the more pertinent question of how it can be done. There are three ways how sports events can be strong catalysts for social development.

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